Teaching material & other project outputs

On this page, you will find different projects outputs, as soon as they are published.

Teacher’s Guide „Preparing English Teachers for Heterogeneous Classroom“ and all its accompanying resources

Module 1 – Introducing Inclusion

Module 2 – What is Neurodiversity?

Module 2 – What is neurodiversity?

Why neurodiversity and EFL?

This video discusses the concepts of learner orientation, successful communication, and representation to explain why future English teachers should learn about neurodiversity.

Ethical Code and Data Privacy

In this video, students learn some written and unwritten rules of research, current ethical regulations in Germany, and some ethical standards when using interviews as a form of data collection.

These are two consent forms lecturers can use as an example for their students. The first is designed for neurodivergent interviewees in Germany, and the second for school staff in Austria.