Image description (Image 2)

At the top, there is the following text: In the ELLeN project, teacher education students interviewed neurodivergent people and stakeholders in inclusive education. Below that are multiple panes with different silhouettes of individuals. Their mouths are highlighted in many cases with red lips and white teeth.Their hair is of differing lengths and types. They all have speech bubble above or next to them.

The first row is divided into three panes and is entitled: Some of the people interviewed were autistic. The first person in this row has a speech bubble that says, “So I basically learn best when I have an intrinsic motivation to learn it.” The second person says, “I prefer to work alone.” The third individual says, “I dropped French as soon as I could. […] I couldn’t learn by seeing, by reading. I can basically speak English like my mother tongue, but I learned it by reading. I can’t learn by listening. But with her [a former teacher], she wanted you to learn the language by listening and repeating it. That might be a good approach for most people. It didn’t work for me, and for me these were really terrible lessons.”

The second row with two panes has the title: Some of the people interviewed had ADHD.

In the first image of this row, there are two people illustrated. The one on the left has a speech bubble that says, “I think exposure to the language in terms like through watching a show or playing a game is very important. […] I think the most I’ve ever learned was actually going to a place or watching a show in the language.” In the right-hand image in this row, there is one person saying, “Well, I am a big bullet journal aficionado, so my bullet journal keeps everything planned for me. It is the hard drive of my brain.”

The third row has the following title on the left: Some of the people had dyslexia. Below that, there is one person with a speech bubble with the following text: “But I didn’t find it so easy in school lessons. Everything always took much longer, which I found very frustrating.”

On the right, there is a different title that says the following: And some pupils had experience with inclusive education, as pupils or as teachers or other professionals. There are two people in the pane beneath the text. The person on the right has a speech bubble with the following text: “Well, I couldn’t imagine teaching at another school, that is at a school that doesn’t offer inclusive teaching. It is definitely a challenge and even in normal mainstream schools, the range is very wide, so to speak. But what I find really great here is that you almost always teach as part of a team.”

Below the image is the following funding information: ELLeN was co-funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Union (grant agreement number: 2020-1-DE01-KA203-005696), and the ELLeN logo. These are stylized letters “ELLEN” in blue, with the N shaped to be an infinity sign. The website address is listed:

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