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This page collects all resources for teacher educators who want to integrate the topic of neurodiversity into their seminars, or who are interested in inquiry based learning.

This guide includes introductory information on inclusion and neurodiversity, as well as a sequence of activities that can be used in seminars, courses or professional development opportunities that address neurodiversity in English language teaching. Teacher educators can use the material as it is or adapt it in any way that suits their needs. The guide enhances future English teachers’ awareness of neurodiversity by facilitating direct interaction between students and neurodivergent people, while facilitating the development of research skills through the use of inquiry-based learning and participatory research.

These are Lernbar self-study courses that can be used in university seminars or for independent study. Please note: They require basic knowledge on neurodiversity and TEFL, and are not suitable for students/learners new to these topics.

You can access key resources such as worksheets and videos below.

Preparing for inclusive EFL classrooms: Lessons learned from and guidance for inquiry-based approaches focusing on neurodiversity.

Teaching materials for university teacher education seminars