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Partner organisations

Goethe University Frankfurt

Theodor-W.-Adorno-Platz 1, D-60323 Frankfurt am Mai, Germany

+49 69 798 0

Team contact at Goethe-University:

Ghent University

Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 33, 9000 Gent, Belgium

+32 9 331 01 01

University of Vienna

Universitätsring 1, 1010 Vienna, Austria

+43 1 4277-0

TU Dortmund University

August-Schmidt-Straße 1, D-44227 Dortmund, Germany

+49 0231 7551

Contact via the Dortmunder Kompetenzzentrum Lehrkräftebildung und Lehr-/Lernforschung: +49 231 755 7187

Team members

(in alphabetical order)

Carolyn Blume, TU Dortmund University

Carolyn Blume is an assistant professor for digitally-mediated teaching and learning at the TU Dortmund University affiliated with the Dortmunder Competence Center for Teacher Education and Educational Research and the Faculty of Cultural Studies (TEFL). A member of the Institute of Diversity Studies, Carolyn won her university’s teaching prize for inclusive education in 2022.

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Jules Buendgens-Kosten, Goethe University Frankfurt

Dr. Jules Buendgens-Kosten is a researcher and teacher educator at Goethe University Frankfurt. Their key research interests are computer-assisted language learning and inclusive education.

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Rieke Dieckhoff, Goethe University Frankfurt

Rieke Dieckhoff works at Goethe University Frankfurt in the department of English language teaching in the areas of research and teacher training. Her main research interest is the use of audiovisual texts in language teaching.

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Raúl E. García López, TU Dortmund University

Raúl García is a Predoctoral Research Associate at the Technical University of Dortmund. His research interests include English language teacher education, research literacy and identity development.

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Nicole Gotling, University of Vienna

Nicole Gotling, Dr. Phil., works at the University of Vienna’s Education Department and Center for Teaching and Learning. Her research and teaching are often interdisciplinary and have covered education and linguistic and cultural alterity; education reform; historiography and the history of education; and the foundations of education. In addition, she has years of previous professional experience teaching English as a foreign language.

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Julia Hüttner, University of Vienna

Julia Hüttner is Professor of English Language Education at the University of Vienna. Her research focuses on bilingual education programmes (CLIL, EME) and on English language teacher education.

Marlies Petritsch, University of Vienna

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Michelle Proyer, University of Vienna

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Michelle Proyer is working on all things Inclusion and Inclusive Education at the Department of Education and Center for Teacher Education, University of Vienna. Her teaching and research focus on the intersection of Disability and Culture.

Manuela Schlick, University of Vienna

A white man with short hair, beard, glasses.

Geert Van Hove, Ghent University

Geert Van Hove is an Emeritus Professor at Ghent University, his field of research is Disability Studies. In most of his projects he works closely together with experts-by-experience.

Student support

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Pasquale Uferkamp, TU Dortmund University

Pasquale Uferkamp is a student assistant and student teacher at TU Dortmund University. His main research interest is the development of inclusive education. He previously worked as a social care worker for several years.