Image description (Image 3)

At the top of the image is the following text: To foster a reflective habitus, teachers can

  • question what happens in their classrooms
  • consider different ways to engage with these questions
  • use different types of evidence (conceived broadly)
  • recognize different “ways of knowing”

in order to think meaningfully about what they do in the classroom, for what purposes.

The image shows a classroom. There is a brown-skinned teacher with curly hair in the background, wearing glasses and looking at their own notes. They have a finger on their lips, as if they are thinking about what they are looking at. The teacher sits in front of a blackboard and covers some of the written text on the blackboard with their body. On the board behind them is an excerpt from the Shakespeare drama, “Romeo & Juliet.” Some of the letters are larger than the others and form the word ELLEN when put together.

In the foreground, there are four pupils with their backs to the viewer. They all raise their hands. The one on the far left raises both hands and stretches out their fingers. Their legs are raised as well. The one next to them raises their right arm up with an open hand. The pupil who is third from left raises their left arm to the elbow and extends one finger. The pupil on the right holds their left arm on the seat and raises their right arm, holding a white cloth.

Below the image is the funding information: ELLeN was co-funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Union (grant agreement number: 2020-1-DE01-KA203-005696), and the ELLeN logo. These are stylized letters “ELLEN” in blue, with the N shaped to be an infinity sign. The website address is listed:

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