Networking meeting: ELLeN & V:InD:O:W discussing opportunities for synergy

On June 19th 2023, members of the ELLeN project consortium and the V:InD:O:W project consortium met on Zoom to discuss how the two projects, which share a focus on teacher education related to inclusive education in foreign language learning, could cooperate. Quickly, we discovered how each project could profit by drawing on ideas and work outcomes of the other project.

Four "zoom windows". On the top left one, you can see Julia Weltgen (woman with not-quite should-legnth hair, glasses, and a white top, smiling) and Joanna Pfingsthorn (woman with long har, a blue top with small light blue motifs, smiling). In the top right one you can see Jules Bündgens-Kosten (non-binary person with very short hair, glasses, headset, wearing a black t-shirt, laughing). On the bottom left you see Raùl Enrique García López (man with shortish hair and a beard, wearing a white shirt, smiling). On the bottom right you see Andrea Ghiararduzzi (man with shortish hair, glasses, a headset, wearting a blue polo shirt and smiling).