Students at TU Dortmund combine ELLeN project & maker culture

In Winter term 2023/2024, students studying to become teachers for different school forms spent the semester exploring different kinds of dis/abilities and difference, as well as their implacations for the English language classroom. The course, taught by Carolyn Blume, used the resources of the HyLeC: Hybrid Learning Center to design – and create – products for use in inclusive and heterogeneous English classrooms. The future teachers used 3D printers, laser cutters, sewing machines, embroidery and a range of materials to create haptic teaching and learning materisl for inclusive EFL teaching. Some examples are featured below.

Wooden tiles with laser engravings, showing pictures and QR codes on one side, text in laser-engraved letters and braille on the other side. Cards and post-its with feedback.
Accessible and inclusive revision exercise/game for prepositions of place (grade 5). The cards contain images, Braille, and QR codes that lead to audio files.

A reading ruler (A ruler like object with a window in it) from red transparent plastic, overlaid over a same text. Card with project info and post-its with feedback
Reading ruler: Helps students to focus on one line of a text at a time.

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