Two ELLeN multiplier events in one week

This week saw two multiplier events in just a few days. First, on November 13th 2023, a hybrid event in Vienna, focused on inquiry-based learning and the “lessons learned” of the project and featuring exciting guest speaker Katta Spiel, who shared their research on neurodiversity and games with the audience.

Organizers Julia Hüttner, a woman with mid-length brown hair wearing a colorful blouse and a light blue blazer and Michelle Proyer, a woman with long blond dreadlocks, who wears a black top and a colorful scarf, sitting at a conference table during a short break.

Then, on the 16th, an online event with a focus on our forthcoming book of interviews. Carolyn Blume described how inquiry based learning – specifically interviews with neurodivergent individuals and stakeholders in inclusive education – were integrated in teacher education seminars. Rieke Dieckhoff introduced the audience to the editing process that turned these interviews into a forthcoming book. Geert van Hove shared shared some conclusions we drew from this project. Special highlight was the talk by James Docherty, a university student who had been interviewed for this project, who candidly shared his experiences at school and his experiences as an interviewee in the ELLeN project.

On the left side is a screenshot of a slide. It says the following: "In the ELLeN-project when listening to experts-by-experience we were confronted with a clear message.... TEACHERS CAN INDEED MAKE A DIFFERENCE".

On the right is an image of Geert van Hove. He has white hair and a white beard and mustache. He has black-rimmed, round glasses, a gray scarf and a deep-red shirt. He is in the middle of gesterung with his hands.